A small Jewish place in the big heart of Budapest
  • 1075 Budapest, Síp u. 12.
  • + 36 (30) 150 0150
  • Monday to Thursday: from 9.00 to 20.00.
    Friday: from 9.00 am, closing seasonal
    Saturday: closed
    Sunday: from 9.00 am., closing seasonal
The guest comes first!

Our specialty kosher restaurant and deli is located in the Jewish quarter of Pest, just a one minute walk from the Dohány Street Synagogue - but when you step inside, you feel like you've actually arrived in Israel. We believe that great food can only be made with quality ingredients, and the rest is up to the imagination of our accomplished chefs, who recognize that the customer deserves to be served the best of everything.
As the name of our restaurant suggests, our meals are kosher, but that doesn't mean we only serve Jewish food. Our menu is dominated by Hungarian and Italian flavors in addition to Israeli. Our selection of dishes ranges from omelets, hummus and shakshuka to ginger matzoh ball vegetable soup, fusilli pasta and fish dishes served with special sauces, and Italian pizzas of unmatched quality, in the opinion of our guests (let alone ours!).
In the ground floor café of our restaurant, you can find a deli store with Israeli delicacies and other kosher products, where you can also taste our excellent pastries, along with a cup of hot Costa coffee. Come in and enjoy the flavors of Israel, Hungary and Italy in the Jewish quarter of Pest, just a minute from the Dohány Street Synagogue.

We look forward to welcoming you and welcoming you back again with great pleasure and even greater love!
Exotic and hearty: kosher, vegetarian and vegan dishes
From our dairy kitchen
The most pizzaic pizzas
If you want a pizza that is expected to be of the highest Italian standard, we say yes, yes, yes! You have found what you are looking for.
The pizza dough is thin and perfectly baked, and the crust is crispy and crunchy as required. And as for the toppings: when it comes to our tuna, salmon, spinach and fried egg pizzas, we make abundance and quality our number one rule. But if you want a simple, classic margherita pizza, we'll make it with the quality we've learned from Italy - our pizzas almost speak Italian...

Our specialties
If you're looking for a hearty pasta or pizza after a good day of sightseeing, this is the place for you! Our pasta dishes include such wonders as fusilli pasta with pine nuts and tomato sauce, or tuna and cream mushroom sauce. In the unmissable category are dishes we love in Israel and are extremely popular with us, such as the shakshuka, the dippers coming with sauces of heavenly flavors of hummus, cream cheese, eggplant dip and traditional olive cream. Wash it all down with our delicious homemade lemonades or freshly squeezed orange juice.
Made to order Yiddishe mame's challah
Because the Shabbath deserves the highest quality challah for Friday night, you can order Shabbath bread no second to the kind a real Yiddishe mame makes at home. You can place your order at the Kosher Deli until Wednesday each week, and pick up your fresh challah from Friday morning until 2pm. Warning, our challah causes addiction! Try it once and we'll see you again in a week for another order! Shabbath Shalom with our challah!
Walter Lux
Restaurant Manager
We are the only kosher restaurant in Budapest, where you can choose between vegetarian and vegan dishes from three cultures. We offer Israeli, Hungarian and Italian dishes, taking care to serve only the best quality ingredients to our guests. Enjoy your meal!

The Kosher Deli restaurant and delicatessen, located one minute away from the Dohány Street Synagogue, welcomes all those who are looking for exotic and hearty kosher and vegan food.
Kosher food is a very interesting topic that could be discussed for hours. One of its many pillars is that meat and dairy should not be eaten at the same time. Chicken with cheese and its companions are out of the question! One after the other, after a certain period of time, of course, is not forbidden, but since this is uncontrollable within a restaurant, restaurants specialize in having either dairy or meat cuisine before they open. Kosher Deli Budapest has opted for a dairy kitchen.
The Kosher Deli Budapest at 12 Síp street will participate for the first time in the National Restaurant Week, which will take place from 9-19 March. Our favorite kosher restaurant will be offering special three-course menus throughout the week.
Kosher Deli
Order a challah
We not only make sure that our customers are served with delicacies made from the best quality ingredients, we even make sure that our religious guests don't go without their Friday night challah: if they place their order by Wednesday, they can pick up the challot fresh from our kosher bakery on Friday until 2 pm.

Tel: + 36 (30) 150 0150
E-mail: kosherdeli@s12.hu
1075 Budapest, Síp str. 12.
Monday to Thursday: from 9.00 to 20.00
Friday: from 9.00 am, closing seasonal
Saturday: closed
Sunday: from 9.00 am., closing seasonal

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